How To Take Great Safari Photos

Traveling to South Africa for a Safari trip is a genuinely an unforgettable experience, something that you will value for a long time. Obviously, you want to catch these memories with a camera, so that you can revive your awesome memories.

Pick Your Target

Do your homework on the destination you're heading, the kinds of animals, plants and birds that you hope to see there. But there might be some areas do not let you to take photographs, like some animal rehabilitation centers, so be certain to find out about these in advance. Also, what you can do is to talk to other people that have been to your desired destination.

Bring The Right Gear

It is well worth getting a good camera (with at least 16 megapixels and a proper 8x zoom) and additional equipment, including tripods and lenses if you intend to take plenty of photos on your safari trip.giraffe-16-mp-megapixel.jpg

Your lens must be at least 300 millimeters long, and a decent tripod can be beneficial for the quality of your photos. There are even window-mounted stabilizers if you are driving around on safari most of the time. And do not use flashes when photographing animals at night. Always have extra batteries with you since many places in Africa have available sources of power.

Touring around

Consider the logistics of having your camera equipment around with the travels. You can't go absolutely everywhere with your tripod and telezoom lenses. So, plan your trips, walks, drives and sight seeings thoroughly.


A pleasant method to safari photography is to take pictures from a way away with a lengthier lens. This displays the animal inside of its normal environment without shocking it or catching its reaction to you. Powerful lenses also offer much better pictures of birds and smaller animals. Always take a lot of pictures so that, through the countless of pictures you've taken, there must be many great ones. The South African sky is always stunning, and can always include depth and detail to your photographs. Try to accomplish a harmony in terms of the landscape, locals and wildlife so that your safari photographs signify the wide range of stunning South Africa.

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